Monday, September 27, 2010

Battle of the UAs... followed by Battle of the Bottoms

You know it's going to be a good party when there is a warning sign on the front door!

Saturday, in conjunction with the Arkansas / Alabama game, Kerri hosted a watch party, which she deemed Battle of the UAs... because she's awesome like that. Of course, it's not a battle if no one from the other team shows up, so a token Bama alum was invited. But, before you feel too bad for Paige, it should be noted that she would have been invited anyway... because she's also awesome like that... and that she can totally hold her own in a room of Razorback fans. Not to mention that she knows more about football than all of us put together. Plus, she was tolerable gracious when her stupid team Alabama squeaked out a victory in the fourth quarter. (In other words, she didn't say anything about Ryan Mallett that the rest of us hadn't already shouted said. Seriously, dude! We had that game!! If Ryan Mallett did somehow manage to win the Heisman trophy after this, he'd probably just choke on it. Okay, deep breaths... I will not relive it. I will not relive it...)  Hmm, I wonder if Kelli is upset she left before the worst of the shouting began. I doubt it! But it was great to see her... and my goal of getting her to like football by osmosis remains.

At least there was plenty of delicious food in which to drown our sorrows! Someday, when I'm super rich, I'm going to hire Becca to make me these empanadas once a week. And she can be on paid vacation the rest of the time. (She should probably not put in her two week's notice just yet.) But seriously... so good!

Speaking of drowning sorrows, it was the eve of the 21st birthday of one of the world's sweetest young ladies. So, I made her this cake (in coordinating Razorbacks colors, of course)...

...but didn't have the foresight to bring a candle, so Darth Vader made an appearance to wish Katy Kat well.

And, despite the fact that she was not drinking, it was decided that David should give her a sobriety test... because, you know, why not? (Please pardon my cheesy horrible rudimentary movie making skills. To be honest, I didn't even know my computer had this program.)

Bottom line: Battle of the UAs was fantastic, even if the outcome of the game wasn't.

Not fantastic? After the party, we met some friends (oh wait, you know them... the Olive Garden Virgins) to go bowling. The company was great, the bowling itself was fun... but the people bowling on either side of us? Not fantastic at all!! The girl to the left of us was wearing the shortest shorts I've ever seen. I mean, seriously! I thought they were underwear at first. Only underwear might have been more modest. (Of course she came in wearing a sweatshirt and Uggs along with her completely ridiculous shorts.)  Then, the guy to the right of us was in desperate need of a belt. Every time he bowled, several inches of crack were exposed. So you know I took a picture (as David looked on in horror)...
Yes, in addition to exposing his hiney, the guy bowled like Fred Flintstone. For real, when he swung the ball back, it was as high as his head. And he did arm stretches after each turn. Ridiculous. It's Glow-and-Blow in Central Arkansas, not the PBA tour. Between him and Booty Shorts, I tweeted that we were the meat in an inappropriate sandwich. Why? BUNS EVERYWHERE!!  (Ba dum ching! Thanks, folks... I'm here all week... remember to tip your waitress...)

So, there you have it... a summary of a fantastic weekend! So fantastic that I slept until 7:47 this morning. Ooops...
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